Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I have been very neglectful of my blogging duties and I apologize for this I will try to make it up and post more often! I have been busy doing research on online markets to sell my jewelry through . There are quite a few out there but in my opinion there are 3 really good ones Etsy, Rubylane and Yessy, I've had to do lots of research to try and pick the best one. I thought I would let you all know why chose to go with Etsy. Initially I was leaning towards Rubylane which is a really good place but you have to fall in one of 3 categories antiques, collectibles and or jewelry. Yes I do make jewelry but when you land in that category you can't have any of the fun accessories I've been trying to get added to my line of jewelry like hair peices or cell charms. Yessy seemed to be another good place but after doing lots of research I found out that if you are in canada one their shipping regulations would end up making my shipping price start at 12.00 and up I didn'd really want to put that on my customers! So in the end I went with etsy I'm still adding items to my shop but go and check it out www.wyredonwire.etsy.com I will be added new stuff frequently to try and get my store stocked so check in frequently!