Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Find your Space Time Management part 2

If you are working from home you need to have a work area whether you have an actual office or you have space set up in a spare room, living room or your bedroom. Ideally we would all like to have an office... well sometimes life is not ideal and we need to make the best with what we have. where ever your space is it needs to be set up in a manner that is most productive for you if you have to spend time searching on your desk or through your supplies to get what you need that is valuable time that could have been spent progressing your business. First you need to make sure your space is just that Your space! That means get rid of anything that is not business related kids toys, dog toys, etc gone. Now you need to organize what is related to your busines in a way that will make things easier for you. For example if it is easier for you to create if you can see your supplies then you need to purchase clear containers. This does not have to be expensive first utilize things that you may already have around the house if you have to purchase check out your local dollar stores.

If you have lots of paperwork in your business you may have to purchase a file cabinet (I know I need a couple of them). While you are getting your space organized its time to organize all that paperwork. I have come across a few methods and the one I like the best is


DISCARD: Trash it. If it will never be retrieved again, don't file it. Realize that files are an information and resource "holding" place, not a dead storage place

REFER: If someone else needs this information give it up do not hold onto things you don't need.
ACT: Act on it now. Don't procrastinate. Do routine paperwork immediately. If not, the time needed to tackle your paperwork later on can snowball!

FILE: File it in your files. Forget about letting it all sit there. With a proper filing system, important documents can be filed, and found easily

TABLE: Table it. If you need it at some time in the near future, other than today, place it in a simple follow-up system for easy, quick access. You can keep a special basket for paperwork such as this but be careful when coosing what goes into this it can add up quickly.

Organizing your space and keeping your space organized can be one of the most difficult task because chances are it has been out of hand for awhile and become a habit. Getting organized could take all day maybe two but once your space is organized it will only take a little work to keep it that way and it will help make your days much more productive.

Effective time management is a habit, just like brushing your teeth or walking the dog. It’s only when you consistently practice good time management skills that you begin to see positive results. It doesn't happen overnight, especially if you have deep-rooted habits to replace.

If you have any questions or advice I would love to hear them. I think together we can change our habits and make our lifes easier. I hope this has helped you some and be on the look out for part 3 of the time management series. I still have lots more to share with you!


Isn't this little guy I mean girl amazing! She was handcrafted by Luanne just for me! Luanne makes these glass bead dragons (yes that's right not only is it a sculpture but it is also a beads)names them and they even have birth certificates. You can have one custom made to your pick of colors and name. Not only does she make dragons (they just happen to be my favorite) but she also makes frogs, cats,dogs, beads and whole assortment of great things. Luanne is on the list to have a liver transplant and has to make many trips to the mayo clinic which is quite a distance from where she lives her sales on etsy help to pay for some of her trips . Here is my short interview with Luanne of sheltie19

Q. What do you love about etsy? I love the fact that everything is homemade. and it is such a great community of people.. I can get things that I would normally not be able to get.. and since I don't have a car.. it is great to be able to have things delivered to my door.

Q. Do you consider this a business or a hobby? Both I guess... the extra money is much needed right now with all my dr. bills and trips up to rochester... doing this has been so great for me.. I finally have something to do with myself everyday.. and I so love to make things.. even my dr.'s say it is really good for me to do this.

Q. What is your favorite meduim to work with? I would have to say glass.. I am totally addicted to my glass. I so love to create my little dragons,, and beads.. when I am out in my studio.. I am in my own little world of peace.. it is so relaxing to me when I am creating with my glass.

Q. What inspires you? I can't put a finger on one thing that inspires me.. there are many things. somedays it my disaase the inspires me.. and others it is things I see or do.. or someone else... my critters inspire me too.. my hubby supports me.. but isn't into it at all.

Q. Tell us a funny story about yourself! Well,... there are way too many to even tell.. but I guess one thing that is pretty funny is.. well with my disease I have times that my brain is totally foggy... I went on a business trip with my hubby.. we were out to eat with another employee. Well there we were in a busy restarant,,, and out of nowhere.. I suddenly and very loudly mind you.. say utnmsetitghwseiweatuia... it was a mess of goobly gosh,,, I was so embarassed... and looked down cause my face was so red.. later I said to my hubby.. He does know I am sick right... and he goes... with a snicker.. well he sure does now.

Q. Where else can we find your work? I have some of my work on

Q. Is there anything else you would like to add? I just wanted to let everyone know how deeply I appreciate all their kindness and support and help... I could of never done a couple of my trips up to rochester without all of you... You guys are a bigger part of the reason I get up everyday and actually do something and not just give up.. there is no words for how grateful I am for all of you.. Such big caring group of people.. and I thank God everyday I have found you all

Not only does Luanne work with glass but she makes candles, lip balm and cards on days that she can't get out to torch So get over there and check out her shop

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time Management Part 1

Time management is a necessary skill to develop in any busy life. And it is especially important in a home based business. The best business people know that time is money. I have done a lot of research on time management and I have gathered some of the best advice and tips I will be making a series of post over the coming weeks on time management I hope these tips and advice will help you.
First why is time management important?
If you are like me and have a job outside of the home and are trying to start a successful business and have children you already know why time management is so important! Everyone chooses to work from home for different reasons but some of the key reasons are flexibility, available for children during the day. However it is still important to find a balance and set boundries to ensure that the time you have is used productively. In the corprate wold you have a boss that is setting deadlines and helping to manage things. It also helps that your job is on the line...As a small business owner you are the boss... NO your customer's are your boss if you have no customers you have no business!
As a small business owner, you will be the only person who is responsible for keeping an eye on the day to day deadlines, like meeting with a customer, shipping items and the longer term deadlines, like getting your product, displays, photographs and paperwork ready in time. I think working online is probably one of the most difficult in terms of distractions. Add the online distractions to those around you at home, and before you know it is bed time and you have wasted hours of the day! I am going to share all the tips and advice that I have aquired so that you can also learn to deal with some of these distractions not all the information will apply to you and your individual circumstances however a great deal can be used by everyone or the concept can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle.Once you find a happy balance you will feel that you have greater control and you can begin to see the positive results that will make your business more productive. I will have your first step in Time management posted soon so keep checking back !
Effective time management is a habit, just like brushing your teeth or walking the dog. It’s only when you consistently practice good time management skills that you begin to see positive results. It doesn't happen overnight, especially if you have deep-rooted habits to replace.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Samily is a great shop on etsy formed by two good friends sam and emily! I have had the great fortune to be able to do a short interview for your enjoyment.

Q. What do you love about etsy?Beyond getting to sell our stuff to a specific audience, the amazing people we've met! There are so many unique and friendly people on Etsy that we feel so blessed to have met. Also, etsy provides us with an alternate source of supplies - most of the yarn we use in our products is straight from another etsyian, so really it's just one big circle! The yarn we get from etsy is one of a kind, and we love to use it!

Q. Is this a business or a hobby?Both. Crocheting started as a hobby for both of us, but when we realized the potential, it grew into its own. While we both are full-time students and have another job (or three) we consider our etsy store a business that we hope to see grow in the future! But of course, we always remember to keep it a hobby too - if we're not having fun, we won't do it!

Q. What inspired you to start working with your medium?Each of us learned to crochet at a young age, but we really started crocheting a lot more when we became closer friends. We just started crocheting together when each of us found out that the other did it too, and it just grew. We're constantly inspired still, learning more and more!

Q. What is an intersting or funny fact about yourself?Well Emily was once a Disney's Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise Skipper, and Sam is related to Lizzie Borden! But don't let that scare you... Disney folks are much less annoyingly happy in person!

Q: Where else can your products be found? Currently, we only sell on Etsy, but hope to make a move into craft shows this year! Keep an eye out for us in both th Rochester NY and Wallingford CT area. :D

Your lucky your names combine so nicely can you just imagine what the shop would be called if it were Alicia and alright I know that was cheesy! Get outta here and go check out Samily at Don't forget to come back and check out all the other great featured shops!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Born Again

This amazing shop was founded by two good friends Allison Brideau and Melissa Mazgaj.They create one of a kind purses that are recycled and felted from woolen sweaters. Not only do they recycle these sweaters into purses but they also try to use every last piece of the sweaters to create other items using the same medium such as mittens , bottle cozies and wool quilts. Here is my short interview with Allison ( who does most of the online work) of Born Again Purses

Q: What do you love about etsy? I love Etsy because it gives us a location to get what we love out there so that other people can see it. I love Etsy to meet new people who love to create like I do.

Q: What inspired you to work with this medium? I saw and idea in a magazine and thought it looked like fun to try but oh boy was it complicated so we changed and adjusted to suit our needs. Since then we have come up with many new designs using the same and sometimes different mediums, most in the realm of recycling.

Q: Is this a business or a hobby for you? Right now it is between a hobby and a buisness as I also have a full time job as does Melissa!

Q: Where else can you be found? We have our items in a local consignment shop called Caseys in Maugerville and we do the Saint John City Market periodically for cruise ship days.

As if the fact that these two recycle wools sweaters as well as other material into these wonder upcycled purses they also offer a wonderful service to people. They do custom orders so if you have a special sweater maybe it was from a departed loved one, maybe it was an old highschool favorite that can no longer be worn these two can turn it into a purse for you (it does have to 80-100 percent wool for it too work) that can once again be treasured and worn! There are so many wonderful items in there shop please go check them out at
p.s did I mention these wonderful people only live about an hour away from me and I never would have known if it wasn't for etsy!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bags n Stuff

Dianna Weaver is the Owner of etsy shop bagsnstuff. In her shop you find a variety of gift like her just ponies in almost any material from skulls to ladybugs! She also makes notecards from pictures she has taken that make perfect thank you notes or gift tags! Here is my short interview with Dianna

Q: What do you love about etsy? I love Etsy for the way it is set up. Etsy has it all fixed so everything to do with setting up your shop is so easy to do. I like the forums because when you have questions, you can post them there and get so many answers from lots of people. Everyone is so helpful for new people coming in to open up a shop and of course us ole timers too. I like the threads too, especially the B N R threads, they are so fun and you get to talk to lots of great people. I get lots of neat gifts from the B n R thread.I just love all of Etsy.

Q: How long have you been crafting? well about 47 years at least. I took all the art classes in high school, now that was many years back. I had a major and minor in art. I did lots of crafty things while in highschool too.

Q: What inspires your crafting? I love taking pictures and I love lots of bright colors. Some times I dream of things and then get up and make whatever was in my dream, guess I sleep and think at the same time . Fabrics sometimes get me going off on another craft adventure.

Q: Tell us a funny or interesting story related to your craft? I crochet on flip flops, I use the fancy yarns, ribbons, lace, beads and what ever else I can find to make them different from any one elses. When at a festival in Illinois, all my flips were on a large wooden stand, there was a group of ladies with their kids. They all had there shoes off and trying on the flip flops, they were saying try these on and passing them to each other, and their kids had there shoes off too doing the same thing. I took pictures of them all having such a good time ...they did not know it. It was just fun watching them pick out their own special pair of flip flops. My flips were all over the ground but I had a tarp on the ground to keep them from getting dirty. These ladies ended up buying 8 pairs of flip flops, they even bought them for their grandkids that were not there. They wanted to know if I would be back there next year and of course I said I sure will be...they said they would see me next year and get more of the flips from me then. so that was pretty exciting for me and fun for them too.

Dianna also makes these wonderful glass marble magnets in a variety of themes. At the moment She is exclusively on etsy so get over there and check out her shop at .

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What A Treasure Chest

This is another etsian friend's shop in her shop you will find an assortment of treasures from chain maille, bath and body to paper products. You never know what sort of treasure you will find in Jennifer's shop! Here is my short interview with Jennifer

Q: What do you love about etsy? I love the fact that its handmade items and that I can find almost anything that I would want on here! Etsy is what my life revolves around. I get up thinking about it and I stay up way to late messing around on it! lol

Q: How did you pick your shop name? This may be silly but I wanted a name that meant that I had very cute items that wont just become trash in a few days and I wanted a name that would get me on the top of alphabetical order lists. This way people found me first. So AbsoluteTreasures was born!

Q: Do you consider this a business or a hobby? This is both for me! I cant work due to health problems so this is my income. It is also my hobby because I love to be creative and I love talking with people. So there for Etsy is a Passion and a way of life for me!

Q: what is your main focus of your business/hobby? To bring top quality low cost items to everyday people like me. You know the kind. The ones that live from pay check to pay check!

Q: Tell us an intersting fact about your self? When im working on something and its not comming out just right I go to my extra room and eaither play my flute,keyboard or drums! It helps me relax and to take a deep breath. Then I go back to working on what I was doing and all comes out well!

Q: Where else can you be found ie blogs, websites, stores etc? My Slice of Etsy and Life!

Get over there and check her out at !

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Meet Sarah

Sara is another great person I have met on etsy. She tends to gravitate towards the big, bold and funky. She also loves seasonal wearable art, Valentines, Halloween and Christmas designs are among her favorites themes to work on.

Q: What do you love about etsy?
love the feeling of being part of a big and creative family. How everyone helps everyone out in their time of need and is very supportive. I love the fact that everything on Etsy is handmade - I buy as much as I sell!

Q: How did you come up with your shop name?
Sarahinflorida has been my e-mail ever since I first got an e-mail address. I had just moved from England so I thought it was appropriate.

Q: What inspires you?
I make what I would like to wear, I love bright colors and funky designs. Also I am going to school to become a jeweller so I am inspired everytime I go to class and learn something new.
I love copper and semiprecious stones.I am a chemist so I love to play with chemicals and try cool patina effects.

Q: What is an interesting or funny fact about you ?
Hmmm a funny fact? Well I play the drums and keep my drum set next to my work bench, if I get frustated I can just take it out on the drums!

Q: Where else can you be found?
I can be found on eBay user name sarahinflorida

Sarah also has a great supply of the funkiest charms in her shop so if you are a designer looking for something out of the norm check her out

What are you all still doing here get over there

Soooooo Piiiissssed

I have met some great people on etsy and today I would like to introduce you to one Orangebead. She makes awesome little plushies her most famous or at least my favorite is more adult line of pissed off plushies! Here is my short interview with Orangebead

Q: What do you love about etsy?

The love for etsy started about 6monts back when I was home with my new born. I love to create and show my talent so this was the best way to share it with the World. The best thing about Etsy is how everything is hand made with LOVE!!!

Q: What inspired you to create?MY baby…When I make new things..i keep him in mind..and see if he would like it or not!

Q: How long have you been creating for?I have been creating since last 15months.

Q: What is an interesting fact about yourself?I Love to make others laugh and Smile when they are having a bad day or just feel down. I love to joke around as well.

Q: Can your creations be found anywhere other than etsy?I am trying to build my own site Soon in coming few months you will be able to find all my creations and more on my own website.

Not only does she make moody pissed off dolls but she also make the most adorable sweet little plushies like this kitten in a chicken costume !
What are you still doing here get over to her etsy shop at and check out these guys she is always adding new and wonderful plushies so don't forget to add her to your favorites!

Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm Back

The Holidays definately took a tole on me as I am sure they have for everyone , but I am back and ready to go! I have lots of wonderful things planned for the new year ! I have been making lots of new items and want to share some of them with you . I have made some new designs, I have some gold filled items, and I have also added some cell phone charms and keychains. To check out more go to my etsy site .
I have met lots of great people on etsy and tomorrow I will have a feature on one for you! See ya then.