Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh The Joys Of Moving

I am currently in the process of moving not fun at all. I am a hoarder of craft supplies especially jewelry supplies, bath and body supplies and paper supplies. If it could be used for some possible crafting I really don't want to throw it away and if it's for sale I want to buy it. At the present we have been living in a rather small apartment but are moving to a much larger duplex. I'm excited and scared all at the same time thinking of all the extra space I can fill up with supplies. But for now is the tedious task of packing it all that is the part that is really no fun especially with a 2yr old a 4 yr old and 2 cats that might as well be kids. I am ready to pull out my hair or theirs which ever comes first ( no hair follicles were damaged during this move). Luckily we aren't moving very fair it's actually just around the corner and we have a week to do it all hopefully I will retain my sanity.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

From My Favorites

I'm not really feeling well today so I thought I would give you a peek into my favorite sellers. Whimsical Watches creates some really unique watches go have a peek for yourself

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Indiego

Lately I have been on a hunt for inexpensive ways to advertise. If your like me you may not have a lot funds for advertising even though it is a very important part of business so I thought I would share a recent find with you. The indiego this is a place where you can advertise on other artist blogs for free in exchange you put a code on your blog or website that allows for an ads from indiego on your site you can see what it looks like on the right hand side of this blog. This site is new and I just joined last night so I really can't tell you how effective it is but I can say it is free and takes less than 5 min to set up and they instruct you step by step no matter how computer illiterate you can do this to (I did). Indie designers helping other indie designers I love the karma centered around the whole idea. Go over to to check it out.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A little Surprise

There is nothing better than getting your packages in the mail, opening it up and wait there is something more....A tea blossom hmmm I am not a very big tea drinker but this looks really neat. I open the package and at first glass its an ugly ball of grass
but I follow the instructions and get an amazing flower bloom in my glass. I don't drink tea but I kept it by me side until the wonderful jasmine sent left.
Afterwards I went back to see what else peach had sent me .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Plan for Tomorrow Today Time Management Part 5

I you haven't seen the other 4 parts pls take the time to read them as they are all very important steps to take. And if you are following along yesterday you figured out where you want your business to be in a year from now. In order to get your business there you need to Manage your time effectively Everyday you need to do something to help your business get to that goal. A good habit to get into is making list. Every month make a list of priorities for that month. Every week make a list of priorities for that week, and everyday before your day ends make a list of priorities for the next day. You can either keep these in a diary, a work journal or maybe a planner that includes all of your life's priorities anywhere except a scrap piece of paper is fine.

Here is an example list

Dr. appointment

make 5 pairs of earrings

message blog feature artist

list 3 items on etsy

search for new ad spaces

ship orders

call a local gallery

write blog

read new article on latest technique

yours will be different this is an example of randoms from the top of my head. Now looking at this list I can immediately see where there is going to be some dead space or wasted time for example whenever I go to my Dr. Appointments I know that I will have at least an hour wait so while waiting I could bring some things to make some earrings (don;t forget business cards because this will definitely get you some interest) I can also bring my article to read. Also you don;'t want to make 2 trips out so don't forget to take your orders to drop off at the PO. Another big one would have to be listing on etsy yes this important but the time it takes pictures to load is wasted time...or I could take this time and contact that local gallery or message the feature artist while my pics are uploading. Now the biggest culprit on here is searching for ad space yes advertising is important but for this it means you are going online and like I have said that can be one of the biggest time killers so schedule this for the end or set kitchen timers and get off when it dings. So your list may not be anything like this but I am sure you get the point now.

Keep a look out for Time Management Part 5

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Look into The Future Time Management Part 4

So maybe you think you have no need for a business plan your not trying to get financial assistance with your business...why bother. A business plan doesn't have to be as structured if it's for your own personal goals but it will help keep you focused on where you are and where you want to be.

So go get a pen and here is an exercise for you

write down where your business stand write now. for example if you have a craft business it may go something like this. I am selling on etsy. I have my items in 1 store . etc etc you can go as much into detail with this as you like.

OK now write down where you would like to see your shop in one year be realistic. Make goals that can actually happen. ie I am selling on etsy making 20 sales a week. I have my items in 5 stores. I am doing 5 shows a year. I have 1 home party a week. etc whatever best suits you and your business.

The next step is to write down what you need to do to get you to that point. the steps within the next year that you need to make to bring you there for example. If I am going to get my items 5 stores I need to contact stores. If I am going to boost my sales I am going to have to promote. and lets not forget if I plan on selling x amount of items per week I need to create more than x amount a week.

you can make this as detailed as you like and this will help you with the part 5 of the Time Management series.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A New Place To Sell Your Crafts

As you all know I have been selling on etsy for awhile now and I am a huge fan of etsy but....I like anybody with a art/craft business just want to get my product seen so when I heard about this offer I had to check it out. Is a new site where you can list your crafts for sale it's just a baby but as an incentive to join it is offering no registration fees and no listing fees for one year if you join and list at least one item by March 31! Yes you heard me right I did say 1yr free. This may be a baby site now but so was etsy at one time and they look as though they are heading in the right direction. I don't know about you but if it takes off I want to be able to have that free listing for a year! Oh don't worry you will still be able to find me on etsy but I now have another shop . I only have a couple of things listed at the moment but that's OK I know I now have a free year.

Get Down To Business Time Management Part 3

Set a time for your business hours whenever that time is most convenient for you and your lifestyle. This is very important even if its 2hrs in the morning and 6hrs at night no matter what those hours are it is important that you set aside 8-12hrs a day depending on your needs and where your business it at. It's also important to not let distractions get in the way of your work schedule. If you had a boss that could fire would you do it is a good rule to live by until you get settled into a routine that works for you.

When you have a home based business, it can be difficult to get friends and family members to respect the fact that you are working and running a business. If you don't have a regular 'day job', you become the one who is called on for favors in the middle of the work day. And Just maybe like myself you find it hard to say NO. Such a small word it only has two letters but I find it hard to spit out. But the fact of the matter is when you are running a business especially in the beginning stages you need that time more than anyone in fact you need more time than anyone. So time to grow a backbone (saying this to myself as well) and say No, explain to friends and family that you may not have to go to a job but you still have lots of work to do let them know your working hours, offer to help them during your "time off" or at the end of your work day. After awhile of you not giving in they will start to respect this.

Like myself you may also have children who need your attention and are continuously distracting you. If they are older children sit them down and explain to them that you have to work during your set hours but after that your attention is there's. If they are younger this will not work and it will be a little harder for you but there are ways around this and that where setting your hours right will come in handy for example maybe you could get one hour in before they wake up, another during nap time and maybe set up an activity that does not require your full attention in the afternoon, If possible have them help you with little things, and finish off the rest your hours after they are in bed only you know what your lifestyle is these are just some tips to get you thinking.

TIP*** During your set business hours do not take personal phone calls they are the number one distracter in my books

Keep an eye out for Time Management Part 4