Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Even More On That Target Market

I told you I would be back sooner this time! Finding your Target market is simply figuring out what type of person is the most likely to buy from you. There are many ways to find this out and most commonly by asking yourself some simple questions about your customers and finding the common denominators. When you have successfully narrowed down your market you can than start to think what do those people read, where do they eat, what do they do for fun, what are their hobbies and by doing so you can target where you need to market and promote to best reach this targeted audience and therefore utilize your resources to the fullest.

Hopefully you all have been following along if not we started off with a simple marketing plan that you can find by scrolling down or maybe your just interested in the Target Market portion which is fine too this is the third part so you may want to perform the activities in the previous posts. For those that have been following along here is your next short assignment.

Finding Your Preferred Customer

Sure we love all of our customers I know I personally cherish everyone that I get but when I say preferred customer I mean that customer who comes to you for all their needs the one who frequently buys but doesn't just buy they refer everyone they know to you and they brag about you everywhere. That is what I mean by the preferred customer I'm sure everyone has had one and if you haven't I'm sure you will. This assignment is focusing on your preferred customer and how to get more of that type of customer. Maybe you are lucky and have a number of this type of customer maybe you only have the one either way what I want you to do is get a pen and paper and start thinking about your preferred customer.
I want you to write everything that you can think of about them their sex, marital status, age, anything and everything.
Think of how often they purchase
The amount they purchase
Do you ask for referrals
What is this relationship with this client and do you like the relationship, if you don't like it there is no point in seeking more customers like this one.
These types of customer are very important to your business not only will they bring you more if you keep them happy they will bring you others. Now that you have gathered information on your Target Market and your Preferred Customer Target Market you should have plenty of facts and information gathered to analyze and help you figure where you can promote and market to these people. If by analyzing this information nothing jumps out at you it's possible you haven't been thinking narrow enough try to go back through the past few post and answering some of the questions with a narrower reply.
Lots more on marketing to come if you are enjoying these post please bookmark me and check back!


Pam Hawk said...

Ding! Another crafty person blogging about marketing crafty stuff. Yay!

(I just found you via the BlogUpp thingie on my own blog.)

I'm starting a craft marketing blogroll and would love to add your link.


Dotty said...

Great info! Thanks!