Sunday, August 17, 2008

Google Base!

Do you want your products to show up in the search engines? Well that was really a rhetorical question, I'm sure you want people to find your wonderful items. Google Base allows you to upload your information either by using a file or by submitting one item at a time. While this may sound time consuming there is some great news for people selling on etsy, it's called letsets just go to this site type in either your username or id and voila it brings up your items which you can then save to your computer to quickly upload in google base. I want to say a big thanks to letsets creator!


Ollie + Junebug said...

awesome! i'll definitely have to play around with that!

Pam Hawk said...

This is interesting, but I'm a little lost. Can you tell me more about how this works?
-Pam Hawk
Pass It On Plates

Pam Hawk said...

Oh, BTW - I have something for you. Stop by my blog when you have a chance, ok?