Thursday, August 21, 2008

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Guerrilla Marketing

Sounds kinda scary, but not really. This term Guerrilla Marketing was originally meant as an unconventional way of marketing on a low budget, by relying on time, energy and imagination instead of big, expensive, mass marketing campaigns. The term has since entered vocabulary to also describe aggressive, unconventional marketing methods generically and to some people makes it sound some what scary because of that.

In order to get a better idea of this type of marketing there are some main principles used
  • Guerrilla marketing is geared towards small businesses and because of this it relies on gination instead of money.
  • this type of marketing is concentrated on more connections and referrals rather than being in competition with other businesses it focuses on working with them.
  • Guerrilla marketing encourages using other marketing methods in conjunction for a marketing campaign.
  • make use of current technology and human psychology

Guerrilla marketing is nothing to be scared of in fact as a small businesses on a low budget it is probably already incorporated into your marketing plan without you even realizing it.

here are some tactics that you may already be using or should think about using

  • Get involved with your community. Attend functions tell everyone you know about your business.
  • Donate a percentage of sales or items to a charity and then let the media know
  • Joint Marketing with other business
  • Write a tutorial or hold classes
  • Mail Postcards to past customers offering a discount
  • Hold a contest
  • Ask for referrals maybe offer discounts or free product for referrals
  • Host a home party invite all your contacts and ask them to bring friends.
  • Post a flyer on any and all bulletin boards you can
  • Add your tag line and url to all emails send funny jokes, and when someone sends a funny joke to you hit reply to all and let them know you thought it was funny!
  • Join social networking sites on and offline. Join forums where your target market would most likely be.
  • Window decals for your home and car

These are just a handful of ideas some that you are probably already implementing. A good idea to come up with your own guerrilla marketing plan is to sit down and brainstorm. Think about who your target market is, and where they are think of ways you can make your business stand out and be remembered. The more memorable the better you are only limited to your imagination that is one of the great aspects of this type of marketing.

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